And it starts...

I have now officially announced my baking courses. Starting with gluten free bread because it was almost this stubborn nagging thing in my head of wanting to prove that GF bread doesn't have to be hard and dry and overall just edible the second it comes out of the oven. 

I don't want to compete with pre sliced bread sold on Free From aisles at the supermarket. There is room for all of us. If in the event that I have eaten all of my frozen GF bread I do go and buy the ready one for an emergency. And it's quite fine. On a regular basis I wouldn't eat it though.

So hopefully the hours spent in the kitchen testing recipes for months will pay off and my future students will enjoy them as I do.

The intention is to add other courses for other types of bread, gluten free pastry and sweet treats.

I have taught before and enjoy it. Most of all I like the interaction with people and exchanging ideas, experiences. I don't know it all and have no arrogance to think that I do. I am a believer that we learn something new everyday or we should aim to learn. 

It's all very exciting really because we are always a bit concerned on how people will take it and if they are going to enjoy the recipes, the experience and overall me. Silly I know, but it's true. You want to do your best and since they are paying I am very aware of customer satisfaction. As relaxed as I can be about my teaching methods and the atmosphere I have in my kitchen, people attended my courses are paying for the knowledge and for a good recipe. I know myself from attending other people's courses how I would rate them. 

So, let's venture ourselves in this new adventure of sharing and make baking FUN.