Cake&Bake London

As a child I used to run some errands for my parents and would be rewarded with the change. Or I would go stand behind the dinning room table and sell them what they had asked me to go out and buy.

The newspaper and cigarettes for my dad or kitchen stuff for my mum. That meant I always had pocket money and managed my income. Because of that I soon realised I needed a place to store my hard earned cash. A piggy bank of some sort. Once it was a pirate looking caterpillar that moved around the box grabbing the money. Then over Christmas I upgraded myself to an actual cash register. It was a pretend one of course but it had to make the sound of an old cash registered when it opened. That was very important :-)

Years have gone by....I have studied, travelled, been a consultant for some of the biggest companies in the world, and this weekend I stood, not behind my parents dinning room table but behind my own counter at the Cake&Bake exhibition that I created, with a brand developed in my spare time and my own grown up version of my childhood piggy bank. An actual money box.

What I made in these three days, I can normally do in half a day as a consultant, but it's not about the money.

It's about taking action and getting yourself out there. Being uncomfortable and unsure and still go for it forcing yourself to go out of your daily routine and challenge the status quo of your life.

Learn, fail, grow, try and improve in the process because it's far better to fail because you try than never try at all. And doing it is far better than thinking about it and wonder what could be...

The future? Completely unknown.....As it should be :-)

Thank you to my sister Ana and Dino who helped me during these days because alone it would have been impossible.

That little girl charging for my dad's cigarettes behind the dinning room table was with me the whole time....I love my blue money box. Such a small thing....but these are the little things that keep us moving forward.