Cooking...habit or passion

There's no escape on spending time in the kitchen cooking. As humans we need food to survive, so might as well make it pleasurable and with flavour rather than bland and boring. Sure I can go to M&S or Waitrose and buy ready meals. But it's not for me. Some items for sure like chargrilled artichokes which I wouldn't dare making not even for all the money in the world, but the day to day staples I can make myself. First because I grew up having homemade meals and knowing what goes into it and second because I enjoy it.

Do I enjoy it all the time? NO. There's the occasion here and there I don't really fancy spending time in front of the hob. But they are rare.

I might be a bit of a freak but it's OK. I am at peace with my domestic goddess side. Nigella? Well....there's room for both of us :-) I can be the closet one hahaha

And you won't see me in a silk robe raiding the fridge at night binging on left overs. Nigella or not, doesn't look very attractive to me, but then again I am not a man to find that appealing.

Back to reality...

Beyond cakes and sweets which pretty much almost dominate my brain, how sad, there's also normal food. The one I eat for energy and basic nutrition. 

In June I ventured myself in the world of Whole30 which means eating incredibly clean. Whole 30 is a 30 day nutrition plan that intends to remove all possible inflammatory foods to detoxify the body and get in touch with your body. That means that for 30 days gluten, alcohol, grains, sugar or sweeteners, dairy is out. After the 30 days (or more) we can start reintroducing some of the eliminated foods one at the time to check the impact on the body.

I enjoyed it a lot. It forces you to be creative and cook other things to make it interesting. I already eat gluten free, but all the others were part of my diet even if sparely. 

And so between whole30, and cakes I can safely say I spend a lot of my life in the kitchen. Humm....

Yesterday despite the horrible flu I have at the moment (seems a recurring event), I cooked quite a bit for the week. No grain scotch eggs and beef chilli. Also made some Mayo, zingy ginger dressing another sauce with sesame paste for a thai chicken dish. All experiences from the blog

Little protein hit 

Little protein hit 

The best thing about this chilli? it has unsweetened cocoa powder :-)


Even roasted some tomatoes to add to the chilli

Even roasted some tomatoes to add to the chilli

But you might be thinking. But where are the cakes? I have a few to make this week and will post them for sure. 

Now I just want the flu to go away so that I can enjoy my bike outside. Also have a presentation on Wednesday and need my brain to work and not be clogged up as it is now. Not to mention the sexy breathing with my mouth open, ear ache and overall crap feeling. 

And because I'm doing whole30, I can't have tea with honey....ohhhhh

I am going to rest now...but in the world of Arnie, "I'll be back"