Baking and Broken Bodies

 Life is not made of cakes, at least for the most part. It's made up of lots of other things. One of them being waking up and after stretching slightly putting on the gym gear and face the world. 

That's how I like to start my day. Either strength training in the gym next door, or doing my couch to 5km program. I used to run a bit and then started focusing on weight lifting and abandoned it.  But now I have come back to it again and do both.... :-) together with Muay Thai. Over the past 3 weeks I've been sick with a persistent cold so Muay Thai has taken back seat. Who can endure one and a half hours of non stop gruelling workout without being able to breathe properly? Not me. Instead I have been going along the canal for a 8km brisk walk. And the cold is still here...Annoying!

After all that calorie burning exhaustion, it was time to face the stacked cake to decorate. The inspiration came from walking in the streets of London and noticing that flowers are starting to bloom and trees showing the first signs of Spring. So I decided on a simple, bucolic Cherry tree. 

By now you might have guessed I'm not loud and extravagant on my tastes. I appreciate the simplicity of things and find beauty more often on a low key but elegant ensamble, whatever it may be, than in something with the full range of colours, patterns and in your face type of effect. And so my cherry tree is simple, but sweet.

Three  tier cherry tree cake (vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream)

Three  tier cherry tree cake (vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream)

So I guess my day does revolve around cakes and decorating cakes but beyond that there is movies and books and searching for a new bike. I fell last weekend when cycling back home from Covent Garden. Here I was all happy with my new havaianas, and pow, a guy lost control of his bike in front of me and in a split second I was a body stacked in a pile of bikes. My limbs are as I speak in different parts, a light green and purple. Nice one. Muay Thai needs to wait again. No way I'm going boxing all purple. My boyfriend tells me to toughen up...Yeah right. Later...I can do boxing but deep down I am a girl. I like hitting and kicking but not very hard and do not like being hit. But because I make jokes with everything, Muay thai for me is a lot of fun. I make everyone laugh, except when the teacher is killing us with burpees and push ups. Ouch....

And then I get back to sugar paste, and flowers and butter creams and all that....what a sweet world I live in.

Tomorrow is time to bake some gluten free Hawaiian rolls to take back to Portugal for my sister to try out. They are very tasty and I make small rolls which is the perfect guilt free portion.

I normally freeze them and take one out every time I have a carb craving. I put it in the microwave 1 minute and then a bit of unsalted butter, or some cheese or ham. They are delicious. Hawaiian rolls traditionally are baked with pineapple juice so there is a hint of sweetness but not over the top. Enough to go well with whatever you want to put in it.


Gluten Free Hawaiian rolls for breakfast...

Gluten Free Hawaiian rolls for breakfast...

Because I'm going to Lisbon for 3 days, I won't be baking but will be cooking as my mother broke her left wrist and it's finding it a bit challenging to cook. So it seems it's good timing that I go there now.

So tomorrow is Saturday and apart from working out as soon as I wake up and get that part done for the day there is still a big list of to do's. Bike testing, rolls for sister, Boots trip to get an oil a friend asked me to buy and whatever else creeps up on me....I am hungry now. Time for stir fry. Yay!